3 Person Holiday Throwdown

3 Person Holiday Throwdown

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Event Details

$60 per team, Teams of 3, at least one male and one women. Total ages must equal 90 or more. This will be 5 back to back 8 minute workouts with 2 minutes to transition to the next work out. Each team must also have one person to judge another team. Each event is designed to have 3 different level athletes. If we need to we will adjust some of the weights on an individual basis. We are hoping the teams will be somewhat equal, we don't want any "Super teams" or teams where all 3 athletes normally "RX" every work out.

Event WODS

15 -12- 9 d ball and then burpees

8 min Amrap Teams will complete 15-12-9 reps (108 reps as a team) of EACH d ball 90, 50, 40 and then complete as many burpee's over a parallette as possible with remaining time. -Burpee's must be done facing the parallette -D ball weight may be adjusted on an individual level. -Athletes can go in any order but the heaviest reps must be completed 1st. -If a team is assigned 50, 50, 40 for example the reps would just be doubled for the 50lb ball.


This is 2 scored events occurring at the same time. Team members will work 1 at a time to complete rounds of the workout "Cindy" while also going for max distance on a bike in 8 Minutes. 1 Person on a bike and 1 person working at a time on "Cindy" 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats -Push Ups will be "hand release" If a team mate needs a band that is allowed but chin must go over the bar and kipping is not allowed with a band.


Distance biked in 8 Minutes

Barbell Wod

Each team will have a 115lb bar and a 75lb bar One bar must be held at the top of a deadlift position while the work is completed with the other bar. 8 Minute amrap 30 Deadlfts 20 Hang Squat Cleans 10 Shoulder to Overhead Coaches will assign which bar each athlete is using.

Max Clean and Jerk

Each team will be given 8 minutes to find each members max clean and jerk. Only the person lifting will be allowed on the platform during each lift. Team members can go in any order, can help change the bar or weights. Athletes that are considered "scaled athletes" will add their age to their score.

Wall Walk / Sled Push

8 Min Amrap 10 Wall Walks 6 Farmers Carry Sled Push down and back Wall Walks must be completed while one teammate holds a handstand. Holding a modified wall walk position will be excepted for a "scaled" athlete or 2 k.b.s overhead. There are 2 yellow tape lines, fingers must move past the first line for a scaled athlete and past both lines for a rx'd. Each athlete must have a hand release in a straight position at the bottom. The Sled will have a strap attached to it for help by a teammate.

Event Info:

3 Person Holiday Throwdown

Date: Dec. 9, 2017

Location: 3837 Quest ct. #2, Cameron Park CA

Registration: $60.00


Reg Deadline Passed


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