CFCP Spring Challenge

CFCP Spring Challenge

Challenge Details

Meet those performance or weight goals by challenging yourself with CrossFit Cameron Park featuring Fixed By Food for six weeks of fun, focused movement and healthy living! $125 per participant.

Daily Goals



Sleep at least 7 hours per night to maximize recovery, performance, detox, and weight goals.

No Junk Food

Did not consume any foods with refined sugars or corn syrups, fried foods, or otherwise processed foods.

Ate Well Balanced Meals

Ate meals that were well balanced of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. The emphasis here is not to go low carb, rather not rely on carbs for convenient sources of energy and balance them according to your goals. Take advantage of meeting with Nicci to find a good balance of the three macronutrients to use as your goal. Your goal can be personalized and dependent on your desired outcome. Macro counting in my fitness pal or similar app not required or worth points, but can be helpful at establishing mindfulness around balanced meals.

Education Attendance

Take one point for each time you either read the weekly blog, watch an FB live, or met with Nicci. This will likely gain you points on a weekly basis, not daily.

Healthy Cooking

Take one point for either having batch cooked on a Sunday or tried one of the recipes shared. ** If another day of the week is your "Sunday" that counts too. This will likely gain you points on a weekly basis, not daily. However, if you try more than one recipe in a week that would be more like daily points and could really add up for your team!

Self Care

Take 5 extra points any time you complete any of the following: take a personal skills session at the gym from one of our coaches, get a massage, see a chiropractor or acupuncturist, take a sauna, or try a new self care modality like having your adrenal (stress) function tested, attending an essential oils class, learning to meditate, going to yoga, or a detox therapy like castor oil packs or hydrotherapy (talk with Nicci if you want more info on these). These points can be accrued at any time, but likely aren't "daily" goals, more like weekly or monthly.

Strength Program

1 Point for the strength portion, 1 point for the accessory work completed on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. Other days can be used to make up strength workouts from those 4 days. Talk to a coach if you need help scaling accessory work. 8 points max per week.

Weekly Goals


3 Classes a Week

3 points per week for 3 classes attended


Kristin Ferguson

Kristin Ferguson 10 months, 3 weeks ago / Reply

So excited for this! I really need to make self care a habit as well as eating a healthy well balanced diet this challenge will help me to remember that! I love the way it is set up! I think it will work well for me and be fun too! Thanks guys!

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