Super Bowl Shoot Out 3

Super Bowl Shoot Out 3

Event Divisions:

  • Beginner M/M

  • Beginner F/F

  • Intermediate F/F

  • Intermediate M/M

Event Details

MM/FF teams of 2 Beginner and Intermediate Levels. The beginner level is for those who don't normally rx every work out at their gym. Intermediate level is for those that Rx most work outs but might not have the top score at their gym every day.

Both divisions will have 5 short and fun back to back workouts, we will run heats though out the day. We should be able to accommodate if you need a morning or early afternoon start time. This is designed to be a fun but challenging competition for most any pair of athletes, we had a ton of fun last year!. Grab a partner, get signed up, and get ready for the Super Bowl Shootout  at CrossFit Cameron Park!

Event WODS

Wall Balls

7 Min Amrap Run 5 laps around the parking lot as a team, one person runs at a time, when teams switch who is running teammates must "high five" can break up laps however you want. With remaining time team does max reps wall balls. One athlete working at a time. 20/14 14/10

Db Snatch, S2oh, Goblet Squat

As Many Reps in possible in 7 Minutes 10-20-30-40-50-60 Alternating Db Snatch 50 /35 Db Single arm shoulder to ovh Db Goblet Squat Beginner Uses 35/25

Barbell wod

7 min amrap 20 Power Snatch 95/65 20 Pull Ups 20 Front Racked Lunges 95/65 20 Toes 2 Bar Beginner Level uses 65/45 Can use a band or do 30 Ring Rows Does knees to waist

Max Weight Clean Complex

1 Squat Clean 1 Hang Squat Clean 1 Jerk power clean + front squat + hang clean + front squat + jerk is allowed

Strongman Burpees

7 Mn Amrap 1 Farmers Carry each athlete 50 Axle Deadlifts as a team Synchronized burpees over the bar with the remaining time.

Event Info:

Super Bowl Shoot Out 3

Date: Feb. 2, 2019

Location: 3837 Quest ct. #2, Cameron Park CA

Registration: $140.00


Reg Deadline Passed